At Advanced Window Films we provide the full service package including an initial security sweep by our cyber security expert to identify where you are vulnerable to cyber-attack.

The rapid deployment of wireless radio, cellular and TV masts, and the expanding use of wireless technologies such as 802.11X LANs, PDA’s and cell phones create increased security vulnerabilities for security-minded organisations. Traditional building structures with glass windows do not effectively block RF and IR signal energy from leaving or entering buildings and the windows are the major vulnerability.

The Ultimate Signal Defence Window Film Solution

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film provides privacy, voice and data eavesdropping protection, additional security for wireless 802.11 networks and devises, RF sheltering to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI), IR blocking for mitigating laser microphone threats, protection for humans from damaging electromagnetic emissions exposure and very high solar energy rejection with ultra violet blocking.

Full Service Package

On completion of your Ultima Signal Defence Window Film installation, our cyber security expert will conduct a post installation security sweep to demonstrate the effectiveness of your new cyber protection.

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film blocks 99.9% Ultima Signal Defence Window Film allows organisations to operate safely, securely and efficiently by blocking up to 99.9% of RF, IR and UV energy from penetrating through windows.

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film is optically clear so that all or part of a building can be protected without changing the uniform appearance of the building.

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film blocks IR

IR blocking mitigates the risk of voice conversations being captured through windows using laser microphones. Operating in the infrared (IR) portion of the spectrum, laser microphones can be used to listen to conversations hundreds of metres away from the targeted facility.

Added Benefit of Blast Mitigation

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film will not only provide Cyber Security. A single application will also protect against flying glass in the event of a bomb blast, by holding fragmented glass together.

Frame Retention Systems

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film blast mitigation properties can be further enhanced with our Frame Retention Systems when necessary. Advanced Window Films have extensive experience and comprehensive expertise in blast mitigation solutions and will be able to identify the specific package to deliver the total solution to your security threat.

Industry Leading Technology

Ultima Signal Defence Window Film technology is the leader in the industry and has become the defacto standard for the United States of America and other Government Organisations.

“Green” Credentials

As the highest energy saving clear solar window film in the world, Ultima Signal Defence Window Film has ‘Green’ credentials and will enhance your carbon footprint.

Technical Data for Ultima Signal Defence Window Film

  • First Level Defence
  • Glazing: Signal Defence full spectrum window protection (RF, IR, Blast, Spall & UV)
  • IR Transmission

RF protection to an average 46dB between test frequency range 30Mhz and 6Ghz – TSCM/Eavesdropping protection, RF sheltering for Equipment and Personnel   Blast protection to GSA level 3b 6psi with 42psi-mili second impulse (achieved level 3b 12.8psi with 63.8 psi-mili second impulse when wet glazed silicone base anchoring system applied). BS EN 12600 Class 1B1 – Blast.

Induced Glass Fragmentation Spall Shield

  • Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) (400 – 780 nm): 53 – 70% – Clear and Non-Reflective
  • Visible Light Reflectance (VLR) (400 – 780 nm): 13%
  • Ultraviolet Transmission (UV) (
  • Infrared Ray Transmission (IR) (940 nm): <1%
  • Shading Coefficient: 0.32 – Solar Control AC Energy Reduction
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.27 – Solar Control AC Energy Reduction
  • Total Solar Energy Reduction (TSER): 70% – Solar Control AC Energy Reduction

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